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TV Post (or, I don't know where all this free time comes from)

Currently watching:
The Big Bang Theory
American Idol
How I Met Your Mother
Modern Family
The Office
Project Runway
Life Unexpected

On hiatus:
Mad Men
True Blood
America's Next Top Model
The Inbetweeners

Just finished:
Being Human

Catching up:
Doctor Who (just started season four)
Friday Night Lights (just finished season three)
Spartacus (uh...pilot only so far)

On my to-watch list:
The Wire
Veronica Mars
Parks & Recreation

Seriously, where do I find the time to watch so much TV? I can't spend twenty minutes putting away the laundry I did a month ago, but I can marathon entire seasons of a show in one day? Priorities, priorities.

I'm pretty happy with my current list, although I think Life Unexpected (excuse me, Life UneXpected) is going to get the boot soon. I started watching out of a Roswell-induced nostalgia for Shiri Appleby, but it turns out that things just aren't the same sans Max, Michael, et al. Lost continues to be amazing (FINAL SEASON NOOOOOO) and I think I like the AI top 24 this year. I started watching Modern Family late in the game, but it's gaining some major ground on the favorites list.

I finally got around to watching Being Human last weekend and I liked it, although I enjoyed season one more so than season two. George is adorable, obviously; I can understand Mitchell's appeal, but most of the time his tormented vampire-y broodiness just gets on my nerves. I read somewhere that the third season is going to take place in Cardiff, but I don't know how that's going to work. (Maybe they're joining Torchwood?)

Misfits. I LOVED MISFITS. What's not to love about a bunch of British juvenile delinquents who accidentally get superpowers from a freak electrical storm? I want to hate Nathan, but Robert Sheehan is so damn cute that I can't help liking him even though he's a complete dick. Simon is like a delicious, underage Crispin Glover, and I love Kelly's chav-iness. I almost wish that I had waited to watch it, because the first season ended on quite a cliffhanger and they don't even start filming season two until May. Arghh.

As for Doctor Who, I'm...still figuring out how I feel about it. I mean, I like it, but I think that other peoples' devotion made me think that I was going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it immediately and I'm not there yet. However, I did enjoy Donna in her Christmas special, so I have high hopes for season four.

You guys. Friday Night Lights. WHY DID I NOT REALIZE SOONER HOW AMAZING THIS SHOW IS? I LOVE RIGGINS AND MATT SARACEN AND LANDRY AND TAMI AND ALL OF THEM. I totally had a dream the other night that I was hanging out at the Alamo Freeze with a bunch of the characters and I was berating Lyla for not using birth control even though she was sleeping with Tim. And I had a sex dream about Landry and I was fine with it even though he looks like an albino Frankenstein because I love him so much. I just...love these characters, even Matt's crazy grandma and Glen and poor abused JD McCoy. I CARE ABOUT THEM, which is always the mark of a good TV show if you ask me. I'm kind of afraid to start the fourth season because I read a few of the episode synopses and it sounds like a lot of the old characters are gone and there's new characters? Whatever.

Have people been watching Caprica? Is it any good? Someone tell me if it's worth watching, please. Other suggestions are welcome as well, because, obviously, I have no problem devoting my life to television.
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